Channeled Light Meditation (CLM) is group meditation that includes a combination of guided meditation, high vibration energy healing and brainwave entrainment. In a nutshell, it's a brand new way to integrate deep healing while learning to meditate.

The CLM techniques allow even the beginner to experience all of the great physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation. CLM makes it easier to achieve a deeper meditative state, upgrade old thought patterns, and feel an overall sense of peace. Every session is energetically customized for that group's needs. Appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced, each session is 40 minutes long. Proceeds benefit the Infinite Light Foundation.


Is CLM appropriate for beginners or first-time meditators?

All levels are welcome, including first timers and advanced meditators. All may benefit from CLM; it's a brand new way to integrate deep healing while learning/experiencing meditation.

What do I wear to a CLM session and do I have to sit cross-legged on the floor?

If possible, wear comfy clothes. You'll remove your shoes before entering the Sacred Space Meditation Room. You'll have the option to sit on a meditation pillow on the floor, sit in a chair, or lie down on a blanket on the floor.

How often should I attend a CLM session?

As often as you like! We suggest at least twice per week to get the most benefit - but every moment counts toward your healing and peace of mind and spirit.

May I attend more than one CLM session per day?

You may attend as many sessions per day as you like - you can't get too much meditation and high vibration energy healing!

What if I'm late to a session?

We aim to limit distractions as much as possible, once we're in a CLM Session. If the session has already begun, and the door is closed, the receptionist will let you know if it's early enough in the meditation for you to join in. If not, feel free to wait in the reception area until the session is complete, and you can join in the next one.

What's the deal with the subscription; Unlimited CLMs and DIY Meditation option at Haven?

When you opt for the monthly subscription you may join us for unlimited Channeled Light Meditations every Wednesday and Friday. Come as often as you like! SPECIAL BONUS: With your monthly subscription, you'll also have access to our Sacred Space Meditation Room on Wednesdays and Fridays during business hours, when class is not in session for your own DIY Meditation. (Note about DIY Meditation: You may choose to sit in silence, listen to meditation music, or use ear buds and listen to music or a guided meditation.)

What is the The Infinite Light Foundation?

The ILF is a 501c3 non-profit created by Alyssa Malehorn and Zack Fuentes to support and empower the awakening soul within all beings. (We are awaiting our IRS designation, as of August 2017.) Our Channeled Light Meditations, workshops and events through HAVEN HEALING ARTS & MEDITATION are some of the tools we provide to guide you back to your natural state: freedom, peace, love and gratitude.

The ILF's mission is to promote spiritual wellbeing and healing through education and service, by spiritual training and programs, and to promote the study, practice and teaching of spiritual healing and knowledge. We provide free healing services and meditation education to trauma and abuse survivors seeking peace and wellbeing, through charities like SafePlace.


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